Just started a new website…

I got a bit fed up with my old website using a CMS, which a bit annoying to maintain. I thought I would give a try to Jekyll, use Markdown for all pages and posts. I used the Minimal mistakes, which seems like a good way to go ;-). The bibliography is converted automatically to html from bib using bibtex2html with:

bibtex2html -d -r --revkeys --both --html-entities --nobibsource --nodoc  -s myplain mybib.bib

This uses myplain.bst as style file for bibtex, a slight modification of the standard plain.bst to have all names as Lastname, F.. You can get the file here.

In order for the abstracts link to work, I modify the html file as

sed -i -e "s/mybib_abstracts.html/\/publications_abstracts\//g" mybib.html

I am not sure I will keep up with the blogging thing but at least to make static pages, this is simple enough! Nothing too fancy here but you should find the minimum info.